Bye Mice. Bye Ants. Bye Cockroaches.

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Bye Mice. Bye Ants. Bye Cockroaches.

Your home is your safe space. You might share it with a cat or dog by choice, but you certainly don't want to share it with other critters, like ants and cockroaches. You can take steps to keep these critters at bay, of course. Take out the trash more often, and vacuum on a regular basis. Still, pests can be sneaky, and they sometimes appear in spite of your efforts. A pest control company can get rid of them. Trust the professionals to say "goodbye" to everything from mice, to ants, to roaches. We'll share more on this blog, so read on.

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Everything You Need To Know About Termites

Termites are the insect world's scavengers. It is their job to clean up fallen trees in the forest. When they are in your home, however, they are a nuisance. Here's what you need to know. 

What are termites?

Termites are white insects with wings that are approximately the size and shape of carpenter ants. They are more closely related to cockroaches, however. Termites prefer to stay in dark areas out of the sunlight. 

Where are termites known to live?

Termites are everywhere. In fact, there are various species of termites on every continent except Antarctica. While termites are a nuisance in North America, the U.S. and Canada only battle with 50 species, compared to Africa's 1,000 termite species. 

What are the signs that you have termites?

While termites like to hide in the dark, they do leave telltale signs for you and your termite pest control service to know they are present. Damaged and hollowed-out wood support pieces, as well as sawdust, are visible signs that you have a termite infestation. Termites also swarm in the spring, leaving behind bits of their broken wings in the process. 

What do termites eat?

Termites eat wood, which is why they can be so destructive when they get into your home. They can feast on your house from the inside out for years without you even realizing it. In fact, termites do five billion dollars of damage each year in the United States. 

Do termites bite?

Termites do not bite humans. They are much more interested in chewing on the wood in your home. In fact, if you come in contact with a termite, the chances are high that you have exposed them to sunlight, which they hate. 

Do termites ever go away on their own?

In short, no. Termites never leave a house on their own. They can eat for years on all the structural wood in your home. You need to take action to get rid of termites. 

How do you get rid of termites?

You need to work hand in hand with an experienced termite pest control service if you are serious about ridding your home of termites. Termite pest control is a specialized pest control service that uses specialized tools, pesticides, and experience to successfully free your home from the grasp of termites. 

If you suspect termites, you should act fast and call your local termite pest control service.