Bye Mice. Bye Ants. Bye Cockroaches.

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Bye Mice. Bye Ants. Bye Cockroaches.

Your home is your safe space. You might share it with a cat or dog by choice, but you certainly don't want to share it with other critters, like ants and cockroaches. You can take steps to keep these critters at bay, of course. Take out the trash more often, and vacuum on a regular basis. Still, pests can be sneaky, and they sometimes appear in spite of your efforts. A pest control company can get rid of them. Trust the professionals to say "goodbye" to everything from mice, to ants, to roaches. We'll share more on this blog, so read on.

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Wildlife You Should Really Have Removed From Your Property

Wildlife can be beautiful. Watching deer prance across your backyard or hummingbirds flit through your flower gardens can make you feel closer to nature. However, some wildlife can also be a nuisance, causing damage to your yard and property. If you see these animals in your backyard, you should really call a wildlife removal company to come take care of it.


Groundhogs are cute, but the tunnels they build are very extensive. These tunnels can even cause parts of your yard to cave in, in addition to accumulating water, leading to flooding and also to damage to your home's foundation. If you see groundhogs, you should call a wildlife removal company. Don't worry; they won't harm the groundhogs. The wildlife removal specialists will simply be able to trap them and relocate them to a more rural area where they won't be a nuisance.


Here's the thing about skunks: if you leave them alone and do not scare them, they will not spray you. Unfortunately, it's easy to accidentally surprise a skunk in your yard and get sprayed. It is also likely that if you have a dog they will eventually come into contact with the skunk and get sprayed. Then, it will be really hard to keep your home from smelling. Your best bet is to have the skunks removed from your yard before you also have to worry about removing a nasty scent.


In some rural areas, it is not uncommon to occasionally see a bobcat wandering across your land. But if you start seeing these cats more than once every few weeks, it is possible they have decided to call your property home. This could prove a threat to your pets, especially. You can have a wildlife relocation service come trap the bobcats and take them somewhere where they will not cause harm.


Raccoons are very destructive little creatures. Their hands are very agile, and they often use those hands to open trash bins, pull siding off homes, and remove weatherstripping from windows. Once raccoons are in your yard, it won't be long before they find their way into your attic or garage — so you need to call for wildlife removal.

Wildlife has its place, and some animals are nice to share your land with. However, if you notice any of the animals above on your land, your best bet is to have them moved along. Contact a local company, like Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control or another location,