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Bye Mice. Bye Ants. Bye Cockroaches.

Your home is your safe space. You might share it with a cat or dog by choice, but you certainly don't want to share it with other critters, like ants and cockroaches. You can take steps to keep these critters at bay, of course. Take out the trash more often, and vacuum on a regular basis. Still, pests can be sneaky, and they sometimes appear in spite of your efforts. A pest control company can get rid of them. Trust the professionals to say "goodbye" to everything from mice, to ants, to roaches. We'll share more on this blog, so read on.

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Seeing A Lot Of Mosquitoes Around Your Home? 3 Tips To Get Rid Of Them

Mosquitoes can cause very itchy bites and some mosquitoes can even cause some diseases. If you are seeing a lot of mosquitoes around your home, there are things you can do to get rid of them. Below is more information about this so you won't be bitten by these pesky insects.

Use Mosquito Misting

There is a product called a mosquito mister that you can use around your home to keep mosquitoes away from you. This product is used only outdoors and never inside your home. A pesticide that is generally toxic is emitted from the device and creates a fine mist. 

You should purchase enough mosquito misters to place around the perimeter of your home. Each mister features a spray nozzle. This nozzle connects together with each mister through a special type of tubing. When the misters are turned on, the fine mist sprays. When choosing more than one you will have a fine mist all around your property. If mosquitoes get in the mist they will die quickly. 

Treat Your Yard

You can spray a pesticide in your yard to kill and keep mosquitoes away. You can purchase these products that are labeled as a bug killer spray at most home improvement stores. Just make sure the can says it will kill mosquitoes. You will need to spray everywhere on your lawn, landscape beds, and around the perimeter of your home. There are also foggers that you can use to kill mosquitoes that may be hiding in bushes and shrubs. 

If you would not like to do this on your own, you should consider hiring a pest control company to treat your yard for you. They will have the right type of mosquito pesticide and will do their best not to kill any type of flowers, bushes, or other landscaping.

Use Candles

Mosquitoes do not like candles at all. Because of this, you can use outdoor candles while you are outside to keep mosquitoes away. You can even find candles that are made to repel mosquitoes. These candles use essential oils, such as rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, and cedarwood. There are also lanterns that you can purchase that will work in the same way as candles. Lanterns and candles work best if you are in a small area. This could be while sitting on a deck or your front porch.

Following these tips will allow you to enjoy spending time outdoors without worrying about being bitten.

For more information about mosquito misting and other mosquito control solutions, contact a company like Jacksons Mosquito & Pest Control.